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Words by SARAH HIRSCH. BECOMING DAVID is an original dark comedy about an obese guy, Chris, who moves to New York City looking for love.  Chris falls in love with an art student, Sam, whose upcoming thesis show involves Michelangelo’s sculpture “David.”  When Sam rejects Chris’s romantic advances, Chris gets the idea to turn himself into a real-life version of the sculpture David for Sam’s art show.  He hopes that, once he becomes beautiful, Sam will love him back.

Driven by a choir of vain and whimsical voices in his head (the “Hotties”), Chris sets out to achieve the perfect body.  When he discovers that even the David isn’t perfect by today’s standards, his quest for perfection spirals out of control.  BECOMING DAVID explores the societal pressure to be beautiful, and the desperate (and sometimes dangerous) lengths we go to silence those voices in our head that say we’re not worthy of being loved.



Words by RYAN KERR. Henry Stuyvesant has created a new website, The Sphere, to unify all aspects of communication into one place. As the site grows and more users join, they begin to rely on it for their every need. Without any warning, The Sphere is hit with a devastating virus and vanishes, leaving it's users stranded. #EMPIRE explores how blind trust can lead to destruction  The soaring score has elements of minimalism with hints of electricity.



Words by RYAN KERR. A darker story inspired by recent events, ANTHEM follows the story of Chris, a bullied gay teenager, who is seconds away from committing suicide. Just before he pulls the trigger, the images of everyone who has influenced his life begin to flash through his mind. ANTHEM  explores the many different sides of bullying and the effect it can have on others. 



Words by SARAH HIRSCH. Martin Gunther, a German immigrant, journeys to America to provide his family with a better life. After building up a strong company, gaining a grandson and becoming the Mayor of a small town in Ohio, the stock market crash begins a long chain of events that takes away everything he had worked so hard to attain. THE AMERICAN WAY explores the strength of human spirit as we fight for what we believe in. Based on the play by George Kaufman and Moss Hart. 




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